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A new GanttLab is out 🎉

Published April 30, 2020

GanttLab as you know and use it... just got better: a great new interface, and a milestone view!

GanttLab is the easy to use, fully functional Gantt chart for GitLab and GitHub created in November 2016 by Pierre-Alexandre Clorichel to address a simple need: generating a Gantt chart from GitLab and GitHub issues without any configuration. You can find more information about the why and how of GanttLab on the original GanttLab, behind the scenes blog post from Clorichel.

Today, a new GanttLab is waiting for you on https://app.ganttlab.com 🎉

What's new?

Enjoy a fully redefined user experience, coming through a brand new interface. Starting with the Welcome screen, which has been totally redesigned for a smooth connection to your GitLab or GitHub account.

GanttLab Login preview

May you choose to remember your credentials, the next time you refresh the page or come back to GanttLab, you'll totally bypass the Welcome screen and be returned exactly where you left: view, project, pagination... Just take your work back right from where you were!

You won't be lost with the new GanttLab: it comes with the exact same Gantt chart you are used to. Yet, it now provides more options, including an amazing view selector coming with a brand new project selector, that will help you quickly find out your GitHub repositories and GitLab projects.

GanttLab application preview

GanttLab view selector

GanttLab GitHub repository selector

Last but not least, the top requested feature and long awaited milestone view is now available, instantly generating a Gantt chart for your milestones, be they on GitLab or GitHub.

GanttLab milestone view

Every GitLab.com user (register for free) can open the ganttlab/demo project through GanttLab view selector to explore both the new user experience and features like the milestones view.

Still safer than you'd expect

GanttLab does not store any information: everything runs in your browser. Under the hood, we use localForage to remember the state of the application, which enables great user experience without any security risk.

Secured API requests are initiated in your computer's browser, hence coming straight from your local network. Those requests are going directly to the data source you selected (your GitHub or GitLab account) without ever transiting through any other server.

New Docker image

A whole new Docker image is already waiting for you! If you're used to pull the legacy ganttlab/ganttlab-live - which already got 100K+ pulls from the Docker Hub - simply replace your scripts with the new ganttlab/ganttlab image, and you'll benefit from the same GanttLab you know and use... through its new, latest and better version!

Advanced configuration of the application is still available: you'll find all the information that you need on the Download and Install GanttLab guide.

Under the hood

There's a lot more new features on the code side: it's a full rewrite from scratch that's been operated. Leveraging newest technologies and best practices, it makes for a better GanttLab for everyone: the people who use it, and those who build it.

The overall software architecture is actioning years of developers experiences through Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture. Thanks to Lerna and Yarn workspaces, GanttLab now comes with the entities, use-cases and gateways packages that are used by the adapter-webapp making up the web application on https://app.ganttlab.com.

Each package has been written in Typescript to improve the development experience and deliver better code with fewer bugs before it even leaves the developer's machine. The application is still using Vue.js but now pairs it with Tailwind CSS which allows for faster building of the designs composing GanttLab.

What's next?

Those under the hood improvements allows for easier development of features like sorting, filtering, and even changing the library used to display the Gantt chart on the fly without leaving GanttLab!

As an open source project: your contribution is greatly appreciated: we're looking forward to share with you on the source code project over at https://gitlab.com/ganttlab/ganttlab.

Happy Gantting!

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